Alchemical Concoctions to Enliven the Senses ~

Rosarium Blends makes their own ritual incense blends, essential oil blends, and natural perfumes using the finest herbs, woods, resins and essential oils.  All formulations are original recipes and the result of extensive historical research, practical experimentation and magical studies.

Each incense, oil, and perfume is blended and charged during specific lunar phases, astrological transits, and correspondences.  Thus formulated with intention to enhance the charm's potency, enliven the senses, and increase the heightened awareness they are designed to awaken.

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Sensory Musings...

Rosarium blend’s incense simply has to be experienced. As soon as the stopper has been pulled it becomes clear you are dealing with a work of skill and devotion.

Kali – for example, is such a powerful and potent blend that it makes a suitable offering unburned. Those who do cast it to the flame, in devotion and intent will surely receive… Thank you Catamara

– Jesse Aaron Mantyh

I have purchased several incense concoctions from Rosarium Blends and I have to say, they are absolutely magical. Never before have I experienced so much from just burning incense… but that is the key, these are not just “incenses” these are magical creations. My favorite blend has been Hekate, deep with layers upon layers that roll over you, creating an atmosphere that can not be described. I can not wait to get the Oil blends and look forward to each and everyone.

– Matthew

I am loving the oils, Im using the Hecate oil, and wearing it daily. Im dreaming more and feeling magickal and empowered. I usually dont find that one oil that talks to me. Rosarium Blends are the best

– Cindy

A very warm June night with not so much as a whisper of a breeze…under the full moon. I called forth and burned the Hecate blend. One could not ask for a better medium to make that which is invisible seen. Three days later she appeared in the flesh. I am spent.

– KL

Today I received the order that I placed only three days ago and I am thrilled with every aspect. The service was incredibly quick for an out of state order and the product itself is truly great. I get to replace the crappy ceramic oil diffuser that I have been using with your iron and copper piece and the oils are really without equal. I have some dear friends that operate an apothecary and they do have some great creations, but I have to say that you are something of a giant in your field.

Thank you so much for your expertise and efficiency. In a battle of herbalists and alchemists, you would kick the ass of most!