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There are two elements on this page:  information about consultations services for you to review, and a submission form that needs to be filled out to request a consultation. You will be required to answer each question, as well as include a short, yet detailed and concise paragraph summarizing the work you are doing and what assistance you may need…

Trioditus Consultations

~Where one seeks guidance in their magickal life, so they may bloom true and cultivate the Rosarium~

Trioditus, is Hekate’s epithet representing her as the Goddess of the Three Roads, the Goddess of the Crossroads.  There are times upon our journey where one questions their direction and intuits they may need counsel to further their awareness.

Trioditus consultations, does not give one answers, but provides new questions. Questions are often keys that unlock the gate to the great mystery.  Opening awareness and growth above and below, within and without. The primary focus of these consultations is to offer private and intuitive counsel to help educate and empower those to a deeper understanding of the 4 pillars of the Witches pyramid, ‘to know, to will, to dare, to keep silent’

As a devotee and priestess of Hekate, Catamara’s aim is to help facilitate and guide practitioners of the art magical.  ~A source of illumination to those who are seeking to further the great work upon their individual path.

Some people seek consultations who are practitioners looking for direction upon their path who need advice.   Others may be seeking a holistic approach to aligning their heart, mind and spirit. Others may want to develop a deeper relationship with plants and would like private instruction on creating their own magical blends or on how exactly to work with Rosarium Blends products.

Most people are familiar with herbal support as an approach to living a healthier lifestyle, but many are not aware that plants also have magical aspects that can be accessed for other types of healing.  Each plant has its own geni/deva connected to it along with corresponding magical properties that can be tapped into spiritually for communion.  Plants have amazing healing abilities and can assist one with protection, clearing, insight, and deep transformation.  Depending on the intention this connection can be further tapped into and strengthened for effectiveness by working with them during particular lunar cycles and astrological configurations.  Through Wortcunning consultation, Catamara Rosarium can guide and assist the Hedgewitch, Rootworker or Herbal alchemist in deepening their magical roots and branching out to a further understanding of plant medicine.

Examples of the type of consultations Catamara can provide.
·      Traditional Witchcraft
·      Herbal Alchemy
·      Magical Herbalism
·      Hoodoo & Conjure Work
·      Chaos Magic
·      Ritual Magic
·      Devotional Magic
·      Extensive Resources and suggestions for areas of study. 
·      Magical Incense and Oil making
·      Wortcunning
·      Tinctures, Tonics, Hydrosols, Infusions, Decoctions

What is to be expected?
A Consultation will begin with an email.  You will be required to answer the questions below, as well as include a short, yet detailed and concise paragraph summarizing the work you are doing and what assistance you may need…

1.     What is the subject for consultation?
2.     How much experience do you have in this area?
3.     What is your spiritual path?
4.     What are your objectives?
5.     How much time and frequency would you like to devote to consultation work?
6.     Do you have any questions or hesitations about the process that you’d like to inquire about?

After reading your request, Catamara will determine whether or not she will take you on as a consulting client.   You will receive a prompt email response with confirmation, requesting your availability and a phone number of which she may contact you.  She will also send a request for payment via paypal for consultation services.  Once payment has been received, she will arrange a time that works with both schedules and will confirm the time and date with you.   We will begin our work with an hour-long consultation session where we will speak in person over the phone.  Consultations are private and confidentiality is honored and essential to the work.

***Catamara Rosarium reserves the right and responsibility to the whole, to exercise wise counsel and discretion in choosing who and how they are willing to provide magical assistance and guidance.

These are private individual 1:1 consultations and are not to be confused with a psychic reading, mentorship, priestessing of any coven, order, or magical group.

Consultations fees:

Catamara is a student and practitioner of various Western and Eastern traditions and has been studying these traditions for the past 20 years.  Her current studies and practicum include Herbal Alchemy, Tantra, Cunning Craft Sorcery practices to name a few.  Through all of her experience and studies she finds most of her influence and attraction has been in Traditional European Witchcraft and Plant medicine.

She is largely interested in cross diversification, working to cultivate networking and community based events wherein diverse belief systems and traditional practices may be shared, offering a deeper understanding and education through these communal experiences.

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