Erotic Apothecary Party

Are you looking for something unique and sensual to liven up your life and those around you?  Interested in doing something out of the ordinary for a bachelorette party?  Do you host Girl’s Night Out Parties?  Erotic Apothecary parties are the perfect way to spice up an event, relax and enliven your senses in a professional and safe environment.

Host an Erotic Apothecary Party

If you’re interested in the Erotic Apothecary products offered through Rosarium Blends, you should consider hosting a party. There’s more than one benefit in doing so. An Erotic Apothecary party will be a great experience for you and your friends. Our parties offer you and those you invite an opportunity to explore our products in a comfortable, private setting. And as a host, you will have an added opportunity to receive free products.

Tasteful and Fun

The goal of an Erotic Apothecary party is to offer interested persons the opportunity to learn about our wide array of products in a setting where they can feel comfortable. But these parties, like any other, are also supposed to be a good time. Erotic Apothecary consultants are professional, yet fun. Party guests get to learn all about what we have to offer, and have a ball doing it. Your consultant will be there to show your guests the variety of quality products we offer and to answer any questions they might have. Guests are free to handle the products, try them out for themselves, and if they wish, place an order. You and your guests will truly enjoy the experience of exploring our products, with the guidance of a knowledgeable consultant, in the privacy of your home.

Get Free Products for Hosting

All ordering at our parties is completely confidential. And when you host an Erotic Apothecary party in your home, the consultant will award you 10% of the sales in free products of your choice. After hosting one party, you’ll find you’ll want to do it again. So give it shot, and see for yourself what a great experience your Erotic Apothecary party will be.

If you are interested in hosting an Erotic Apothecary Party, please submit the information below and a Rosarium Blends Consultant will notify you to set up a date.

**Erotic Apothecary Consultants are available to host parties in Western Washington and Portland Oregon only.