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Virids Genii Symposium

Still Meadow Retreat Center

Rosarium Blends is hosting a Symposium w/ praxis of Plant Magick! ¬† Join us!! THERE ARE MANY¬†herbal conferences around the world that mainly focus on the clinical, holistic and natural herbalist facets and idealisms of herbalism. Some of these conferences touch upon folk magic and herbal esotericism from time to time, but we feel there […]

Magical Praxis of Incense and Oil Formulation

The Green Man Store

Level 1: Magical Praxis of Incense and Oil Formulation In this lecture we will be discussing the origins and sacred use of incense. Followed by a discussion about the technology and series of esoteric techniques one can use in the formulation of potions, incense and oils, including examples of some of the personal praxis behind […]

Level 1: Formulation of Ritual Incense

The Green Man Store

This is a 3 hour hands on workshop with Catamra. $55 plus $10 material costs Level 1: Formulation of Ritual Incense In this workshop we will discuss a variety of basic techniques one may work with to assist ones inspiration in the creation of magical formularies. I will demonstrate some basic examples of the type […]

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