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Rosarium Blends Ritual Incense Blends and Resins are burned on special charcoal briquets.  

We recommend using smokeless charcoals as this allows the energies of each herb as well as the alchemy of the charm to be experienced in the purest form.

*Hold one side of charcoal with fingers or tongs.

*Using a lighter ignite one of the corners on the opposite side.

*Keep flame lit for several seconds until it turns red.

*Blow on lit corner a few times to help it start burning.

*Repeat steps on other corner.

*Place charcoal on/in a fireproof surface.  (Incense burner or heat resistant dish).

*Let charcoal sit for a few minutes until it starts to glow.

*Allow charcoal to burn through about ½ way or until the entire piece is glowing.

*Take a pinch of loose incense blend or resin and sprinkle on top of glowing charcoal.

Incense and Charcoal Care

* Incense/resins keep well and often improves with age if kept in a cool, dark place and stored in glass vessels.

* Charcoal should be kept in an airtight bag/container to avoid absorbing moisture from the air.
* To help prserve the integrity of your incense burner you may wish the addition of sand to prevent the long term eventuality of the coal buring a hole throught the metal. 

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