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Anubis Coin Set (limited)


SOLD OUT – JOIN OUR WAITLIST IF YOU”RE INTERESTED IN THIS SET – We will consider procuring more coins and figure out another good time for quenching them to lock in those inherent influences and powers into the coin.

We are excited to release this limited Anubis Coin Set.
The coins are silver plated and were quenched by @trollcunningforge in my Anubis Ritual Oil blend during the dark moon as it was making its ingress from Sagittarius into Capricorn. The first day/night of our new solar year as well as the first New Moon of 2022 during the hour of the Moon. A new batch of Anubis Ritual incense was also made during this time. HAIL ANPU!!
Set Includes
– 1 Limited Anubis Talisman Coin
– 1 5 ml vial of our Signature Anubis Ritual Oil
– 1 Jar of our Signature Anubis Ritual Incense

Anubis is the Ancient Egyptian Jackal Headed God of the Dead, Embalming & of the Underworld. Protector of graves, cemeteries & the afterlife. Guardian of the scales in the hall of truths.

When possible work with Anubis during the New Moon. Give offerings of beer, wheat, figs, earth almonds, grapes and bread that does not sour.

From the Coffin Text, Spell 155 – Knowing the Souls of the New Moon, Entering into the House of II, Osiris of Djedu.   “I KNOW THE SOULS OF THE NEW MOON: THEY ARE OSIRIS, ANUBIS AND ISDES”.

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