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Anubis Altar Set

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Anubis–Ancient Egyptian Jackal Headed God of the Dead, Embalming & of the Underworld. Protector of graves, cemeteries & the afterlife. Guardian of the scales in the hall of truths.

When possible work with Anubis during the New Moon. Give offerings of beer, wheat, figs, earth almonds, grapes and bread that does not sour.

From the Coffin Text, Spell 155 – Knowing the Souls of the New Moon, Entering into the House of II, Osiris of Djedu.   “I KNOW THE SOULS OF THE NEW MOON: THEY ARE OSIRIS, ANUBIS AND ISDES”.

Rosarium Blends is now offering Ritual Altar Sets.
Sets include complimentary blends of the corresponding Deity, Godform, or Condition:

1 loaded vigil candle
1 jar of ritual incense
1, 5ml  Essential oil blend (Euro-dropper)
All formulas are ritually crafted by Rosarium Blends.

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Weight 37 oz

2 reviews for Anubis Altar Set

  1. thomas k. (verified owner)

    I have purchased several different itemsfrom Rosarium blends and they all have been of excellent quality ,i took a chance on this company years ago and i have never been disappointed with any of my purchases and this Anubis Alter set was no exception

  2. Raven H. (verified owner)

    Wonderful! Came neatly packaged and Anubis loved it!

    • Catamara Rosarium (store manager)

      Excellent! Hail Anpu! Glad Anubix loved it! I do think the whole of it a worthy offering.

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