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Aphrodite Perfume & Shell


Aphrodite Aphrodisiac Perfume in 1/2 oz hand stamped Atomizer and scalloped seashell.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, Prosperity, Attraction & Sexual Rapture. She is Venus, the morning star. In love or in lust wear or work with this perfume to open your heart and invoke the power of this goddess. This perfume is the embodiment of her, to wear it, is to invoke her, it is her charm, to surround you and fill you with her grace in rapturous embrace with her divinity.~

🌹This perfume in the 1/2 oz hand stamped atomizer size and shell is a limited special offering. We do not typically offer our perfumes in a 15ml (1/2 oz) atomizer bottle nor with a shell! The scalloped seashell offered alongside this aphrodisiac perfume makes a perfect offering dish or incense burner in honor of Venus-aphrodite~

Note: This product was featured in our Limited Venus-Aphrodite Ritual Box. We are have a few boxes left and also had a bit of overstock so we decided to list separately.

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