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Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, Prosperity, Attraction & Sexual Rapture. She is Venus, the morning star. In love or in lust wear or work with this perfume to  to open your heart and invoke the power of this goddess. This perfume is the embodiment of her, to wear it, is to invoke her, it is her charm, to surround you and fill you with her grace in rapturous embrace with her divinity.~

Ingredients:  ~Benzoin, Jasmine, Fasil Galub Rose, Vervain, Myrtle & Ylang Ylang~
Available in 4 sizes: sample (1ml), atomizer (5ml), Alembic top (15ml), Large atomizer (not pictured) (30ml). 

Below is a beautiful and effective invocation, the Orphic Hymn to invoke the Goddess Aphrodite.
You may listen to it in greek to set the mood here:

Ouranía, of whom many sing, laughter-loving Aphrodíti,
Sea-born, birth-giving Goddess, friend of those romantic encounters which extend to dawn, holy one,
At night, causing mortals to mate, wily mother of Necessity;
For everything comes from you, and you have caused the Kózmos to procreate;
You are sovereign over the Three Realms and are the origin of everything,
That which is in the Sky, in the fruitful Earth,
And in the deep Sea, holy attendant of Vákkhos.
You delight in festivity, nuptial, mother of the Ǽrohtæs,
Oh Seductive-one who enjoys making love, secretive, joy-giving queen,
Obvious yet hidden, aristocratic daughter with the beautiful hair,
Bridal, dining companion, sceptered by Gods, wolven;
You give us our progeny, lover of man, desirable one, life-giver;
You couple mortals in unbridled necessity
And the many kinds of wild beasts, frenzied from your charms of love;
Come, daughter of Kýpros, seated in the Heavens,
We behold you, royal Goddess, splendid with your beautiful countenance.
Whether you be on your throne in Syria, rich in frankincense,
Or riding through the plain in your golden chariot,
Or flanked by your priests at the fruitful River of Egypt,
Or riding your swan-drawn carriage upon the waves of the Sea,
Delighting in the little ones as they dance about in circles;
Delightful to the Goddess are the dark-eyed Nymphs of the Earth,
As they lightly leap upon the sandy beaches of the sea-shore.
Or when seated in Kýpros, oh queen and nurturer; where your blessings are invoked
By maidens and virgin Nymphs throughout the year;
They sing for you, happy one, and immortal holy Ádohnis,
Come, happy Goddess who is so ineffably beautiful,
For I summon you with pure words and devout soul.

** Please note Alembic bottles are not meant to be carried around in your pocket or purse. Best if stored on a flat surface.


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About Rosarium Blend’s Natural Perfumes

Natural Perfumery is the arte of creating beautiful fragrances using only natural essences.  Rosarium Blends Natural perfumes are designed around the volatility of top, middle and base notes and evolve with the body chemistry of the person wearing them.  Each perfume is both aesthetically pleasing and has therapeutic benefits.  The duration of aromatic benefits on the skin lasts approximately 2 hours and the perfume ripens with age like a fine wine and will improve over time as the essences alchemicalize in the bottle.

Rosarium Blends Natural Perfumes are 100% natural and made with essential oils, concretes, absolutes and other natural materials. There are no synthetic counter parts or animal ingredients used in our perfumes. Like our essential oil blends they are linked to nature, alchemy and ritual.

Unlike our essential oil blends they are intended for use on the skin only.  They are made with a base of pure cane ethanol which is clean and fresh on your body.  They have more lift than our essential oil blends and a beautiful top note that will not overwhelm the wearer or broadcast themselves aggressively to those around you.

Each perfume is sold in a variation of 3 different types of bottles and a 1 ml sample size:
-5 ml clear glass spray atomizer w/ black top
-15ml (1/2 oz) clear-footed rectangular clear glass bottle w/ a twist on copper alembic lid. Size is 2.99″ H x ..70″ W.
-30ml (1 oz) clear glass hand stamped/wax sealed,  bottle w/ black mister top and lid. Size is 3.95″H x 1.76″W

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4 reviews for Aphrodite

  1. alpheria (verified owner)

    It provides quite the punch after the initial sprays but mellows after a while and is very nice. Im quite a fan now and hope this continues to be purchasable here indefinitely!

  2. Stacey Krim (verified owner)

    Frequently, when scents are labelled as associated Aphrodite, the perfume is a simple scent, easily distinguished as a single flower or fruit. They are rather immature in the conveying of the goddess. This is an elegant representation. The initial notes are a complex, sweet, clean floral–very feminine. You sometimes capture the individual rose or jasmine, but no particular scent dominates. After around 2 hours, the scent transform to a lush, powdery incense combined with the floral. I feel the scent embodies the goddess as its best at this point. Overall, I recommend this perfume. I think it would be a solid daily scent as well as facilitate rituals focused on Aphrodite and femininity.

  3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Aphrodite perfume is simply magical! The scent is alluring and quite powerful. I’m always receiving compliments when I wear it!

  4. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    The scent is so alluring! I absolutely love it! And, I recieve many compliments when I wear it.

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