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Arcanum Protective Neem Cream

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Formulated for maximum efficacy~

Neem has traditionally been used in India as their number one contraceptive and protection from venereal diseases.

Caution:  Do not use if pregnant or if attempting to procreate.  Not to be used with latex contraceptives.

Application: Apply liberally to genitalia.

Ingredients:  25% Neem Essential Oil, Sweet Almond OIl,  Bitter Orange essential OIl, Beeswax & Coca Butter.

Size: 1 oz

***We make no medical claims of the efficacy of neem creams use as a contraceptive or protection from venereal disease. The FDA has not approved Neem as a contraceptive or for protections from venereal disease.

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About The Romantic Apothecary~ 

The Romantic Apothecary is a herbal aphrodisiacal product line developed in collaboration between herbal artisans Marcus R. McCoy and Catamara Rosarium. We have explored the vast ethnobotanical heritage of aphrodisiacs from around the world, developing oils and scents, balms and ointments, potions and philters to bring you something more magical to share with your partner then what is currently on the market. Our blends are made with great care in the hour and day of Aphrodite, using only the finest natural ingredients. Each product is the alchemy of desire and magic, lust and love, skillfully interwoven with the power of plants.

Marcus McCoy is Student of South American Curanderismo, and has a degree in the Ethnobotany of magical plants. Marcus is a trained distiller of essential oils,a perfumer, and has been studying the magical application of herbal aphrodisiacs for many a year.

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Weight 1.49 oz

3 reviews for Arcanum Protective Neem Cream

  1. Claire (verified owner)

    Oh yes yes YES! Delivery prompt and uncomplicated. Your products speak poetry for themselves. Medicinal, Purpose-ful, Alive and deLightful. Thrilled with the Arcana Protective Neem Cream. At least one month I am certain that if prevented a possible (undesired) pregnancy in a safe, acceptable way for both partners. Wahoo!
    Looking forward to meeting you in person some day and expressing my thanks again!

  2. Samantha (verified owner)

    Neem is well known for it’s potent…shall we say, aroma? But the clever alchemists of Rosarium Blends took great care to neutralize what could be quite a turn off. The Arcana Protective Neem Cream is a wonderfully balanced contraceptive that is as sexy as it is useful. With an earthy orange scent and a taste that’s not at all intrusive to the experience, this is by far a choice so great that it deserves thanks again and again.

  3. Rachel

    Very nice consistency and the smell isnt terrible. We will look forward to learning of its efficacy but so far so good, we’re pleased.

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