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Astrology Divination Dice


Take your divination to the next level by incorporating these astro dice into your repertoire! Included in this set are three 12 sided dice.

Each represents a different aspect to give you insight into your query. One dice represents the 12 astrological houses and has a number on each side of the die. The 2nd represents the 12 zodiacal signs and has each glyph for the astrological signs of the zodiac on each side of the die.  The 3rd dice represents the 12 planets and has the glyphs of the planets on each side of the die.

To work with as a divination tool use the following key:

Planets Key word = ‘What’ and represent the actions, circumstances, or influences that affect the overall situation at hand.
Zodiac Key Word = ‘How’ and represents the emotions involved in this situation.
House Key Word = ‘Where’ and represents the area of life that will be affected or is/will be of concern.

You may also work with these dice as tool for learning the glyphs and meaning of the different signs/houses/planets and their meanings. And a means for testing your knowledge of the meanings of each and the different combinations of each.

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