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Black Disc Charcoal

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Charcoal is worked with to ignite loose incense blends.
Enjoy these colored disc charcoals. Light charcoal and place in an incense burner and once it is burning bright, sprinkle resins or loose incense upon it.

NOTE: We no longer carry our favored smokeless charcoal as the manufacturer has stopped producing it. We are not the happiest about it but found this new colored disc charcoal and black charcoal that seems to produce less smoke than the other swift lite charcoals that are mainly on the market. We will continue to find a good supplier of the former but until then we wanted to make something available to you.  We do feel this charcoal still allows for a more authentic experience in smelling the true olfactory riches of Rosarium Blends incense.

6 black charcoals are included in each package. 

How to Burn Loose Incense and Resins

*Hold one side of charcoal with fingers or tongs.

*Using a lighter ignite one opposite corner.

*Keep flame lit for several seconds until it turns red.

*Blow on lit corner a few times to help it start burning.

*Repeat steps on other corner.

*Place charcoal on/in a fireproof surface (incense burner orheat resistant dish).

*Let charcoal sit for a few minutes until it starts to glow.

*Allow charcoal to burn through about ó way or until theentire piece is glowing.

*Take a pinch of loose incense blend or resin and sprinkle on top of glowing charcoal.

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