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Black Storax

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Black Storax resin has been used since the days of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, it was known in ancient Egypt as ‘Miniaki’ which translates as “festive fragrance”. Phoenician traders treasured it for its wonderful aromatic properties. Black Storax is called for in many medieval and ancient recipes.  Since ancient times it has been used to calm and relax, and burnt to aid insomniacs. It is burnt to protect against negativity in many magical traditions. It also has sensual, love inspiring qualities.

Planetary Association: Mercury, Saturn and the Moon

Element: Earth

Size: 1/2 oz package (please note: we are now selling this in 1/2 oz packages because this type of storax is becoming increasingly hard to acquire. It is possible this product will be phased out as it becomes harder to maintain a supply.

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20 reviews for Black Storax

  1. Paul Bland (verified owner)

    Great quality product

  2. Ayana (verified owner)

    Great product. Lovely scent, aroma, and resin has a rich, moist quality. A unique resin; would buy again.

  3. Nita

    Just lit up my purchase from OddMall, today. It’s lovely, thank you for the suggestion.

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    This scent…so powerful to me..like something far in my past although I’d never before smelled it….like what might be burned during a elder’s meeting on the astral plane. I’m burn resins or incense daily and have for decades…this has become my favorite.

  5. Ross Urrere (verified owner)

    Shipped very fast.Good quality and a great scent.

  6. Charles (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality, heavenly scent!

  7. lucy (verified owner)

    Here we have a good – good – quality resin.

  8. David (verified owner)

    Love this scent! I will order more on the future.

  9. Benoît (verified owner)

    Excellente qualité d’encens

  10. Sydney Bridges (verified owner)

    Exceedingly pleased with this product. I also cannot say enough about the customer service. I needed this ingredient in a rush for a blend I was making that had to be done in just 3 days. My order was sent out and received with a day to spare.

    All of the products here are of the highest quality and I am so grateful for the expertise of Catamara as well.

  11. Neil (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Love it.

  12. Rachel

    Exactly what I was looking for although the Storax I had been getting at my neighborhood market was large chunks I was pleased to recieve granulated resin. Very fresh and aromatic, it burns nicely and produces a rich smoke. Very pleased but sad to hear its in short supply.

  13. Sage (verified owner)

  14. Daniel (verified owner)

    Consistent quality storax, smells amazing.

  15. Phoebe (verified owner)

  16. James L. (verified owner)

  17. Raquel (verified owner)

  18. Robert (verified owner)

    Great incense, will order more.

  19. Brennan L. (verified owner)

    Hard to find this elsewhere. Loved it!

  20. Neil P. (verified owner)


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