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Brick Dust


Introducing Dominion Brick Dust~

Used traditionally in folk magic and Hoodoo/Conjure for protection. Sprinkle a line of the brick dust over your front doorway entrance and/or window sills. For extra protection wash porch/steps of entryway and/or window sill w/ a mixture of water and your own urine. Once it dries, sprinkle your doorway or window sill with the dust.

Dominion Bricks were gathered from the old Historical Dominion Brick House site. These bricks have been lying under sea water and upon on the shore of Gabriola Island, some covered in barnacles. They were imprinted w/ the name Dominion upon each brick.

The sea has always been a liminal space of great power dividing nations and consuming ships with its chaotic mysteries. The shoreline is also a liminal place, a barrier between worlds, earth and sea.
We believe this brick dust to carry the sympathetic power of the dominion of Land and Sea that will assist in adding and extra boost to the effectiveness of its charm.

This item is limited and once its sold out, it will won’t be available from Rosarium Blends… unless of course we adventure to Gabriola Island again in the future.

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