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Cedar Hydrosol

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Limited Release!  Red Cedar Hydrosol!!

Cedar is a great medicine of protection and has a long history of traditional use in this area by the Northwest Coastal Native People. Salish names for Western red cedar include “Long Life Giver”, “Rich Woman Maker” and “Mother.” Cedar is often worked with to cleanse a home, workspace, or sacred space, when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influences. Cedar trees are very old, wise and powerful spirits. Cedar is ruled by the planet Jupiter. In its from of expansion, protection, longevity and abundance.

Offerings given and harvested in the hour of Jupiter on August 25th, 2020. Distilled over the course of two days beginning August 26th Day of Mercury, hour or Jupiter and on August 26th, 2020, Day of Jupiter, Hour of Jupiter.  This potent hydrosol is perfect to clear a space/room or spray on yourself to cleanse/protect and contemplate and connect with Cedar. As well a good primer to work with prior to any Jupiter workings.

“I am the heat of your hearth on the cold winter nights, the friendly shade screening you from summer sun, and the dancing bows that capture your imagination. I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table, and the roof that shelters you from rain. I am the handle of your shovel, the bark of your basket, and the hull of your canoe. I am the medicine that heals you, the incense that carries your prayers, and tea that is used to cleanse your home. I am the wood of your cradle and the shell of your coffin. I am the breath of kindness and the flower of beauty. “Ye who pass by me, listen to my prayer:  Harm me not.”

-Adapted by Elise Krohn from “Prayer of the Woods,” a Portuguese forest preservation prayer that has been used for more than 1,000 years (Author Unknown)

SIze: 1 oz in beautiful green shaded bottle.

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3 reviews for Cedar Hydrosol

  1. River (verified owner)

    Loving the cedar scent and the grounding energy that it brings!

  2. Angela stockwell (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    If I could rate this 10 out of 5 I would. Closest thing to a Redwood Forest hydrosol I’ve ever found. Delightful.

    • Catamara Rosarium (store manager)

      Wonderful I’m so glad you love it!

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