Crown of Success


For desired results when taking tests, seeking a job, playing sports, etc.
Yellow; 8″ tall; fixed with oils, herbs, and prayer.

Candle by Lucky Mojo, charged and fixed by Catamara Rosarium using ritually prepared herbs and oils with magical properties that enhance the desired result.

Fixed/Loaded – Send as is to customer
Prayer/Divination – RB keeps and prays over customers petition (see below for specific details).

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We are now offering loaded vigil candles. Vigil candles (or novena) are traditionally burned as an offering or prayer to a saint, god, deity, spell or purpose for a specific intention. Customarily they are lit on an altar, and a prayer or petition is included. They are intended to be lit and burn continuously until it burns out. Alternatively you can burn them in 15 minutedaily increments during waxing or waning moons cycles depending on your work. Vigils are often anointed with essential oils and dressed with herbs that are sacred to the saint, god, deity or intention. These oils and herbs can be offerings to the saint or deity, and/ or hold magical properties that will activate and enliven the prayer to enhance and propitiate the prayer and petition.

For a limited time, Rosarium Blends is offering a select array of glass incased Vigil candles from Lucky Mojo and local Seattle based artist Lis Wright Ivec. These candles have colorful paper labels of art relevant to their intention. The Lucky Mojo candles include additional labels on the back which include spells and prayers. The candles are made of soft wax and names or petitions can easily be carved on the top layer. The color of wax selected for each candles also holds magical significance as they are appropriate to the conditions for they are used. Each candle is already loaded with oils and herbs specific to its charm.

Customers may purchase the loaded candle as is or for an additional fee customers may opt to have Rosarium Blends further charge the candle, set the light and pray over it on your behalf for its duration. A candle divination follows regarding specific insight to your petition regarding the success or trials you may face. These readings are based upon many variables to include how the wax, herbs, and oils burned in the glass and what sort of remnants or indicators are left behind.

If you would like Rosarium Blends to pray over the candle for you, please include a petition in your order notes so we may prepare a petition paper to burn with your candle. Candles may be set on specific days and lunar cycles depending on the nature of the petition. Unless time is of urgency where we will select a day and astrological hour that will best suit the nature of your petition.

Burn time approximately 120 hours

Additional information

Weight 30 oz

Fixed/Loaded, Prayer & Divination


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