Cyprian Oil #3


St. Cyprian Oil #3 – LIMITED
This batch of magical Cyprian oil was made over an 18 day period of time and was completed on July 7, 2016.
This oil is specifically called out in the Saint Cyprian – Saint of Necormancers pamphlet published by Hadean Press.
The particular spells found in this grimoire that call for this oil are as follows:
– Spell to Expose a Cheater, A Liar, or a Womanizer
– Spell to Exorcise an Evil Spirit or Break a Curse
– Amparo With Saint Cyprian
This oil may be worked with for these purposed and other application.
Size: 1 Dram

Note: This oil is meant to be worked with magically and not thought of as to be worn as a scent. All of the ingredients included in the oil were as specified in the formula. Many of its components are herbs that have been macerated in olive oil with some essential oils but it should be noted this the scent is faint, if at all noticeable.
**Rosarium Blends enchanting ritual oil blend formulas are essential oil heavy where in this formula it is not.

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