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A charm for establishing your sexual dominion. ~To lure that which you desire the most.  Wear to invoke and manifest your deepest, darkest desires in the flesh.

Dom perfume is for domination in all manner of ways. And can be worked with with lots of different intentions. Dominating a problem in your life, or perhaps its to dominate your boss, or coworker, maybe it is to dominate a spirit. The perfume can also be used to repair damage done when one has been dominated by something or someone else. Giving them renewed confidence. The perfume itself is the base for many forms of magic. Ultimately it is up the the individual know how and creativity of a practitioner. The only limitations are the ones we create ourselves.

Ingredients:  ~Vanilla, Smokey Vetiver, Neroli, Lemon, Patchouli, Myrrh, Mugwort, Black Storax ~

** Please note Alembic bottles are not meant to be carried around in your pocket or purse. Best if stored on a flat surface.


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About Rosarium Blend’s Natural Perfumes

Natural Perfumery is the arte of creating beautiful fragrances using only natural essences.  Rosarium Blends Natural perfumes are designed around the volatility of top, middle and base notes and evolve with the body chemistry of the person wearing them.   Each perfume is both aesthetically pleasing and has therapeutic benefits.  The duration of aromatic benefits on the skin lasts approximately 2 hours and the perfume ripens with age like a fine wine and will improve over time as the essences alchemicalize in the bottle.

Rosarium Blends Natural Perfumes are 100% natural and made with essential oils, concretes, absolutes and other natural materials. There are no synthetic counter parts or animal ingredients used in our perfumes. Like our essential oil blends they are linked to nature, alchemy and ritual.

Unlike our essential oil blends they are intended for use on the skin only.  They are made with a base of pure cane ethanol which is clean and fresh on your body.  They have more lift then our essential oil blends and a beautiful top note that will not overwhelm the wearer or broadcast themselves aggressively to those around you.

Each perfume is sold in a variation of 3 different types of bottles and a 1ml sample size:
-4 ml clear glass spray atomizer w/ black top
-15ml (1/2 oz) clear-footed rectangular clear glass bottle w/ a twist on copper alembic lid. Size is 2.99″ H x ..70″ W.
-30ml (1 oz) clear glass hand stamped bottle w/ black mister top and lid. Size is 3.95″H x 1.76″W

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9 reviews for Dom

  1. Angela (verified owner)

    Very sultry and enveloping.. it gets better as the night goes on. I love this stuff. Great layered with Sandalwood oil as well.

  2. Graham (verified owner)

    3 Stars,
    Was not sure if it was Unisex or not Tried it anyway

    Initially smell many different aromas but after awhile the overriding smell was Vanilla too potent

    Great as an aphrodisiac certainly felt horny in the evenings but vanilla is too sickly for me

    Still a great product been interested in Alchemy for a while now your products are the real Mcoy



  3. Kat

    I gave this to my Sir as a gift, and it is the most compelling scent he’s ever worn around me. The vetiver and myrrh give it a deep richness that the vanilla lightens just the right amount. It wears well and doesn’t fade away too quickly. He’s made it his signature scent with me.

  4. Marianna (verified owner)

    OMG this is amazing. Longevity is great, the fragrance is very sophisticated – for me this is better than a lot of niche roses out there

  5. Victoria Frederickson (verified owner)

    Beautiful blend and works indeed with different intentions. I needed a little confidence boost at work and this did the trick. Also everyone will come up to you and tell you how they love the fragrance. Beautiful all around.

  6. lucy

    Five stars again. Very potent and effective. (Just used it at work this morning.) Everyone love its scent yes ! And fragrance stay very long on the skin…

  7. Michelle Sauls (verified owner)

    So this stuff is interesting. I ordered a sample of this (along with a few others), and initially didn’t love it.

    However, something drew me back to it, and the scent seemed more appealing suddenly. I suppose that could be the nature of it? I’ve been wearing it ever since and am ordering more.

    Anyway, I like the complex notes that fade over time to a softer vanilla. It seems to alchemicalize nicely with my skin and isn’t too overpowering when I wear it, so I have no complaints.

  8. J (verified owner)

    Dom is one of my favorite scents, I never grow tired of it. I highly recommend it!

  9. Morgan Houston (verified owner)

    There is a rich, warm sensuality about this fragrance that just envelopes my senses without overpowering. It’s my new favorite and I look forward to purchasing more!

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