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Dragon’s Blood Incense Sigil Papers

(3 customer reviews)


NOTE: This item is out of stock. We will make more but are waiting for a good election. Until then, check out our Mars in Scorpio papers! 

Self igniting sigil paper infused with the resin of ‘Dracaena cinnabari’, the original and true dragons blood, spoken of in so many occult formularies. Scented slightly with other aromatic resins to form a self igniting incense paper to be inscribed with sigils and fired off in ritual.

The paper sizzles and sparkles like a lit fuse without flame and produces a sweet scent tempering the martial influence of the dragons blood resin. Focusing, enhancing and directing the effects with the sigilized intention and will of the practitioner. (scroll down on page for directions on how to use and a video example)

As are all Rosarium Blends products, special care is put into the astrological time and days of our production. Each incense, oil and perfume is seen as a talisman and is made with great care according to astrological correspondences. We are happy to be the first to combine the very old and obscure art of incense paper with the Arte magical of the sigillum…

This particular batch of dragon’s blood sigil incense papers was crafted on a potent Mars transit during the turn of the New Moon in May 2018 which was the last good transit for this fiery God until fall of 2019. As well it coincidentally coincided w/ the Algol fixed star transit. It was a very potent and crazy time, harder to make than usual and demanded a sacrifice of which resulted in a severe burn upon my hand. Fortunately our oil of egg was on hand and decreased the healing time and potential scarification into about half of the normal time and no scars as a result. All Hail Mar’s God of War, Activation & Will!!

Please note: We will not be making any more of these sigil papers until Mars is exhaulted again in Fall/Winter of 2019.

**Package contains 4 incense sigil papers**

Out of stock

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-Draw sigil on paper.
-Focus intention on sigil during magical operation
-Use lighter, match or candle flame to light the end of the sigil paper.
-Set burning sigil on a fire resistent surface or dish, cauldron’s are perfect!
-Focus on sigil until paper has burned completely.

NOTE: Sigil paper will burn as a fuse, not a flame.

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Weight 4 oz

3 reviews for Dragon’s Blood Incense Sigil Papers

  1. Paul Bland (verified owner)

    Beautifully presented project I can’t wait to use them.

  2. Bon F (verified owner)

    Beautiful color and scent, mine went up in a burst of flame so I was glad I did it over a sink. So I’m at 4 stars just because that was a surprise lol
    But I loved this and will for surely use hen all up in no time

  3. Derek O

    We used these papers several years ago at a workshop focusing on scent, incense,, and votive offerings in Vancouver, BC. First exposure to Rosarium Blends incense and working with your sigil paper. Now, three years later, my ritual kit is stocked with Rosarium supplies! Looking forward to picking up another batch!

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