Dragon’s Blood Oil

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Dragon’s Blood Oil

Use to increase the effectiveness of magical work, cleansing and protection. It is especially powerful when working in astral realms. Dragon’s Blood oil is effective in both offensive and defensive magick.

**Many Dragon’s Blood Oils are made w/ scent chemicals. This oil is a pure extraction of the resin and has been lightly scented w/ an essential oil that was specifically selected to increase its power. It may also be used medicinally. This oil is made in the hour of Mars, on the Day of Mars.

Sunflower Seed Oil, Dragon’s Blood, & Benzoin & Cinnamon.

Size: 5ml

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Weight 1.0 oz

3 reviews for Dragon’s Blood Oil

  1. Miles (verified owner)

    Smells excellent! Love having this in essential oil form. My pre-ritual anointing oil is now empowered by dragon’s blood!

  2. Amanda (verified owner)

    Love this oil! Feels like it enhances meditation and ritual. Super empowering and with a yummy fragrance.

  3. kenneth (verified owner)

    catamaras dragons blood oh how sweet

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