Dragon’s Blood (Daemonorops draco)


~Dragon’s Blood, ‘Daemonorops draco’ Origin – Indonesia

We offer dragon’s blood resin from two separate plants, Daemonorops draco (Indonesian Dragon’s Blood) and Dracaena cinnabari (Medieval Dragon’s Blood). This particular species is that of Daemonorops draco from Indonesia.

Its color is a deep red and shiny incense resin. It can be used in incense blends, spells, for protection, cleansing, in oil infusions, and medicinally. It may also be used to increase the effectiveness of any magical operation.

Please note: This particular genus is not the medieval dragon’s blood resin ‘Dracaena cinnabari’ that was used in ancient formularies to make beautiful blood red inks or dyes. It is just as powerful and easier to acquire, though it is NOT alcohol soluble and will not make ink.

Planetary Association: Mars and Pluto.

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