Dream Divination


Rites Necromantic: Dream Divination
Author: Corinne Boyer
Publisher: Three Hands Press
Edition: Paperback Edition Limited to 400 hand numbered copies
Pages: 38

Shamanism, religion and magic have long acknowledged the significance of dreams as a bridge to the spirit world, and over time developed practices for dream incubation. Many such practices involved plants, and were operant at the folk level, seeking to incept dreams of a prophetic nature, to obtain knowledge of future loves, fortunes, births and deaths. In Dream Divination Plants in Northwestern European Traditions, Corinne Boyer draws together many strands of plant dream-lore, focusing on dream-divination. Bringing old lore to life with modern insight and a practical approach, she examines the many ways of using flowers, fruits, branches and leaves to make contact with the oneiric realm. With original illustrations by Peter Köhler.

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