Flambeau Noir Ritual oil

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Limited Edition Flambeau Noir Ritual Incense and Oil,formulated specifically for the inauguration of the Flambeau Noir Occult Conference held in Portland, Oregon this last weekend, Full Moon in Scorpio.  Both the incense and oil are applicable to be worked with for all Black Flame purposes, and custom made by Catamara Rosarium of Rosarium Blends. The formulations were started on the Dark Moon on Saturn’s day; working in the hours of the Sun into Venus. These original formulas include Black Storax, Medieval Dragon’s Blood, Benzoin, Clary Sage, Yew and Syrian Rue (oil has the addition of Egyptian Musk).

We have 13 sets remaining, this item is LIMITED and won’t be available once they are sold. Don’t miss out!

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Weight 6 oz

1 review for Flambeau Noir Ritual oil

  1. Marie (verified owner)

    5 stars for this Limited Edition Blend. It is quite evocative and complex. I am so glad that I purchased the set of the oil and incense. I’m quite pleased with my first purchase from Rosarium Blends.

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