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Florida Water Soap


Florida Water Soap
This iconic fragrance by Lanman & Kemp-Barclay is a timeless classic. The scent of Florida Water is a refreshing and invigorating blend of citrus and floral notes. Work with this soap as part of your spiritual bath and hygiene. Just like the powerful cologne, this soap encapsulates the vibrant, refreshing cleansing spirit.  Florida water is one of the great mysteries in spiritualism and is worked with in many of the same ways in a multitude of traditions spreading from North American Hoodoo to Bolivian Curanderismo. It is heavily used in spiritual cleansing and blessing washes and baths in many cultures and folk magic. Make bathing with this soap part of your daily ritual and spritz yourself after with Rosarium Blend’s take on this timeless classic with their  ‘Agua de Flora’ natural perfume


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