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~Galbanum, ‘Ferula Galbaniflua’ Origin – Iran

Galbanum was one of the most treasured incense ingredients used by the Egyptians. Galbanum is also known as the “Mother Resin” and is often used in developing psychic abilities, contacting angels, and the dead.

NOTE: Galbanum is generally easier to use if heated a bit. Use latex gloves when using to reduce clean up as it tends to stick to the skin and is sometimes difficult to remove.

~Spirituality ~ Dreams~ Healing ~Protection ~Calming~

Planetary association: The Moon.

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2 reviews for Galbanum

  1. Aaron Cheak (verified owner)

    Hi Catamara,

    Thanks for the follow up. My galbanum arrived safely this morning, and in excellent time, so I’m looking forward to using it. I’m sure Saraswati will be pleased. Thanks for the palo santo resin too! Synchronistically, I was just visiting some friends in the rainforest hinterland of Northern New South Wales the past couple of days, and they introduced me to palo santo (the wood, not the resin). Either way, seems to gods want me to use this, too. Beautiful!

    ~ A

  2. kenneth (verified owner)

    I use Catamara’s galbanum (I say Catamara’s because this glabanum is not any other galbanum) Tansy and Kali for my necromatic communions on day and hour of the moon. First hour. It’s a perfect blend. I believe to use those three items at that time in a place the dead inhabit (they inhabit most places) will yield mind blowing results no matter who you are. In fact, the less you know the better. It just gets in the way. Even these steps I’m describing do not produce results. The steps take you.

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