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Gifts of the Magi Incense

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Introducing “Gifts of the Magi Incense’ by Rosarium Blends
All Hail the Three Kings!! Great Star Navigators, Patrons of travel and Diviners of the Heavens. We offer you these gifts of Frankincense, Gold (Pyramids), & Myrrh.

This incense was formulated with intention as a perfume fumigation to be burned in devotional work w/ the Magi and/or as an offering to the Magi to work with as tutelary spirits to assist in all manner of operations ranging from protection, safe passage and astrological knowledge and influences in the heavens and beyond.

Gifts of the Magi was made using the finest ingredients, fit for a King, in fact 3 Kings!!  The Magi who traversed across the lands in faith, navigating by the beacon of an unusually bright star in the sky on a most auspicious night. The gifts they offered in honor were that of gold to the holy Virgin to relieve her poverty, Frankincense to perfume the stable, for health & protection of the newborn king, and myrrh to build strength and dispel unwanted parasites.

**Some of you may recognize this incense blend as it was an exclusive offering in last year’s Yule Mystery Stocking. This year we are pleased to be offering it in our shop as a seasonal item.

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Weight 3 oz

5 reviews for Gifts of the Magi Incense

  1. Sage (verified owner)

    Beautiful, powerful and full of magic!

  2. Leanne (verified owner)

  3. Maria (verified owner)

    I used it already and it is very easy to burned with a charcoal disk. I really liked it and will get more next year.

  4. Katherine Merriwether (verified owner)

    Evokes mastery of the subtle energies within me.

  5. Debbie Ursin (verified owner)

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