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Green Faery Flying Ointment

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~An Absinthe Inspired Herbal Unguent of Delight & Mirthful Fancy~

Green Faery Flying Ointment is made of the finest herbs and oils, and blessed by those who live within the hollow hills. The wings of delight spring forth from the traditional wort cunning of the fey, the delightful and seductive prose of #absinthe itself. Apply upon one’s body liberally when the muse is invoked and one’s soul must take flight with gossamer wings. Apply to the tender spots of one’s body, from head to toe, calling upon the spirits of divine revelry and eternal delight.

***For external use only.  Avoid if pregnant or nursing.

Application:  Apply liberally to armpits, behind knees, ears, nape of neck, soles of feet, third eye and upon genital regions (if ones feels so inclined).

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Shea Butter, VItamin E, Beeswax, Anise, Calamas, Wormwood, Hyssop, Mellisa, Star Anise, Corriander, Liccorice, Anise essential oil (all organic). 

Size: 1 oz

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About The Romantic Apothecary~ 

The Romantic Apothecary is a herbal aphrodisiacal product line developed in collaboration between herbal artisans Marcus R. McCoy and Catamara Rosarium. We have explored the vast ethnobotanical heritage of aphrodisiacs from around the world, developing oils and scents, balms and ointments, potions and philters to bring you something more magical to share with your partner then what is currently on the market. Our blends are made with great care in the hour and day of Aphrodite, using only the finest natural ingredients. Each product is the alchemy of desire and magic, lust and love, skillfully interwoven with the power of plants.

Marcus McCoy is Student of South American Curanderismo, and has a degree in the Ethnobotany of magical plants. Marcus is a trained distiller of essential oils,a perfumer, and has been studying the magical application of herbal aphrodisiacs for many a year.

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Weight 1.49 oz

7 reviews for Green Faery Flying Ointment

  1. Kevin Heinrich (verified owner)

    A perfect accompanyment to go lucid dreaming. Here be delightful monsters to greet you. I enjoy more tradition flying ointment blends, but this is a pleasing tool in it’s own right.

  2. Season Cole

    To answer your burning question…
    “Does it work?”

    A: Do Satyrs romp in the woods?

    It is all the things that a verdant fertile “yes!” is made of. Euphoric moods and ecstatic vibrations while seeing psychic starry nights and swirling luminous hues in a gradient spectrum of greens and blues. Sweetly aromatic intoxication, blissful undulations and buzzing feet. All the medicinally licoricey highs without the manic liquor lows. Freshly altered states and gently meditative. Plugging into deep astral forests and fae places. Kairos ekstasis. Everything awesome etcetera.

  3. lucy

    Very interesting effects when combined with a good genepi 🙂

  4. Tegan Mustain (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations. It’s really a delight to put on before bed and it makes the liminal processes of falling asleep kind of come alive and once asleep my dreams are vivid.

  5. Enneirda Dryadrie (verified owner)

    Having once worked in an intimate shop where the employer had staff try many things, I can attest, this is the best. To say of it’s kind would imply there was anything else like it, there isn’t. We are devoted and looking forward to recommending! Thank you!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A lovely salve that promotes merriment and good cheer. I’ve not tried it for *erotic* purposes but is helpful for meditation and winding down at night.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! Makes me feel sexy, relaxed, and whimsical.

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