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Hekate Ritual Incense

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Goddess of the Crossroads, keeper of the keys of the universe. Work with this incense to align oneself to the Goddess Hekate. A beautiful and powerful charm to work with as an offering in devotional work and aid in petition for assistance when making important decisions at the crossroads and delving deep within her mysteries.

Ingredients: Storax, Frankincense, Myrrh, Willow & trace Aconite petals.
Burn outside.

Hekate is packaged in a dark blue jar w/ cork lid. Height 2″, Width 1 1/2″, and Length 1 1/2″. Capacity is 43 ml in size and holds approximately ½ -3/4 ounce of loose incense.

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15 reviews for Hekate Ritual Incense

  1. kenneth (verified owner)

    i’m a chef and these blends produce a vibration that I both don’t have the ability to craft nor the time. i always maintain that had homo erectus had Google he would have never used it. The Rosarium Blends create a space where ancient atavisms bubble up and over.
    The blood of Hecate dripping down from the moon is fairly apparent and I don’t always light the Hecate incense blend. When I open the bottle I experience her pale visage and how it’s frighteningly familiar to another spirit I invoke. Naheme. Part of my invocation for Naheme reads as such, “had he not noticed the immense emptiness that had set over El Salvador.”
    This is a point of communion between me and Hecate. She’s common sense to an uncommon degree and when I do light the incense (I usually don’t) her blood becomes heavy and sweet, abject and awful. This is her nature.
    Whether lit or unlit the incense has a soothing and uncanny knowing that unfolds as a myriad of “symbols” for lack of a word.
    i am the fool so i’ll write a review of Hecate. Fortunately for me, the devel is close at hand.

  2. Paul Bland (verified owner)

    Great evocative fragrance highly recommended

  3. vilma (verified owner)

    This product is Fabulous….and prompt delivery

  4. lucy (verified owner)

    This old receipe is very well enhanced, here.
    For me, when opening the bottle, it’s not Her white pale face, it’s a dark forest, the foam, the air when full of moisture, fog, tenderness of leaves, deep darkness, background odd noises and all the things we see in periphery of our regards.

    The Great Goddess seems to like it a lot.
    So, I’m pleased with that.

  5. leslie (verified owner)

    Love Love Love! I have no words to describe how divine this blend is. Rosarium Blends is exquisite, like an affordable luxury. I’m never disappointed.

  6. Julie Preston (verified owner)

    Enjoy this blend of loose incense and the namesake is well given. Would like to be able to purchase in a larger size/ bulk.

  7. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Uncork the jar and let the perfume engulf you – exquisite. When the charcoal consumes it though, the smoke which is unleashed makes Her eyes sparkle…

  8. FyreWytche (verified owner)

    I recently invoked Hekate at my patroness. This incense is the perfect offering to her in my practice. The scent is lovely and not overpowering. I will definitely buy this and the smokeless charcoal again.

  9. Michael K. (verified owner)

  10. Raquel (verified owner)

  11. Carolyn (verified owner)

  12. Salvatore I. (verified owner)

    This Hecate incense certainly resonates for me. Wonderful!

  13. Rebecca Wright (verified owner)

    This is my favorite incense blend not only for Hekate but any intense ceremonial ritual. Excellent service as well.

  14. Debbie Ursin (verified owner)

  15. Holly P. (verified owner)

    I love this incense and will keep coming back for more.

    • Catamara Rosarium (store manager)

      ~HekatetakekaH~ Glad you love it so much!

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