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Hekate Triformis Wall Plaque


Hekate Trifomis wall plaque sculpture by Jeff Cullen.  She is holding her torches which not only light the  way but contain the Witch Flame, a power She bestows upon Her followers. Here She is depicted as Unconquerable Queen of Witches crowned in the crescent moon and star, Her ancient symbol from Byzantine. Two powerful witching herbs aconite and datura stand at her sides, plant allies whose history stretches far back into antiquity. Honor this powerful goddess and let Her preside over your ritual altar and enhance and bless all of  your magical endeavors!

“O Hekate! grave three-faced queen of these charms of enchanters and enchanters, arts!” -Medea, Ovid, Metamorphosis

Jeff Cullen has been sculpting for the occult community for 5 years and his work has been featured in exhibitions, museums, magazines, and have been received world wide. His unique take on gods and spirits comes from his 20 years of experience as a practicing witch and Hellenic polytheist. Relying on ancient sources and trance channeling, he brings obscure cults into the modern world.

15′ white antique stone color resin plaque.

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