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Hekate Vigil

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Hekate – Goddess of the Crossroads, Keeper of the Keys of the Universe.
Work with our Loaded Hekate Vigil magically as an adjunct ritual tool to set lights  upon your ritual space during your ceremony to call upon our Great Goddess. They are the perfect offering alongside her deipnon feast or in any ritual dedicated to her.  By setting two or three upon your altar or  by being held as torches in ritual by your priestesses of Hekate they serve as a powerful way to represent her torches.

Our Hekate Vigils are loaded with our sacrad Hekate  oil and incense and charged and blessed by Catamara of Rosarium Blends, a devotee of Hekate. They are exceptionally powerful to work with to petition Hekate for assistance or to grant favor to your magical charge.

The artwork shown on this vigil is a portrayal of part of our personal gnosis and body of ritual work w/ the Goddess Hekate. Especially specific to our Crossroads work on her holy day. We commissioned the art by the amazing @witchvessel and couldn’t be happier! Thank you for making manifest the vision from thou ever open eye to ink.  Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Check out his amazing work!!

Rosarium Blends is pleased to launch a select array of glass encased Vigil candles designed specifically for our blends. Each candle is loaded with our select house condition oils and herbs ritually prepared and made for the candles specific intention. You may opt to purchase the candle loaded and charged and blessed to work yourself, or to have Rosarium Blends load, petition, set the light, and pray over it on your behalf for the duration. A candle divination follows where the wax is read (after it’s done burning). This type of divination will provide information regarding specific insight to your petition and its success or trials you may face. These readings are based upon many variables to include how the wax, herbs, and oils burned in the glass and what sort of remnants or indicators are left behind.

Vigil candles (or novena) are traditionally burned as an offering or prayer to a saint, god, deity, spell or purpose for a specific intention. Customarily they are lit on an altar, and a prayer or petition is included. They are intended to be lit and to be burned continuously until it burns out. Alternatively you can burn them in 15 minute daily increments during waxing or waning moons cycles depending on your work. Vigils are often anointed with essential oils and dressed with herbs that are sacred to the saint, god, deity or intention. These oils and herbs can be offerings to the saint or deity, and/ or hold magical properties that will activate and enliven the prayer to enhance and propitiate the prayer and petition.

If you opt to have Rosarium Blends pray over the candle for you, please include a petition in your order notes so we may prepare a petition paper to burn with your candle. Make sure you include the names of any people involved, DOB, and a simple statement of intent. Candles may be set on specific days and lunar cycles depending on the nature of the petition. Unless time is of urgency where we will select a day and astrological hour that will best suit the nature of your petition. These candles have colorful paper labels of art relevant to their intention.

Burn time approximately 120 hours



Please include names of any parties concerned, DOB and simple statement of intent. Please feel free to include a brief description of the issue of your petition so I may better be able to serve you.

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Fixed/Loaded, Prayer & Divination

3 reviews for Hekate Vigil

  1. Sandy C. (verified owner)

  2. Lynn (verified owner)

    Io Hecate! Beautiful candle, She was pleased!

  3. Cindy Proudfoot (verified owner)

    My favorite

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