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Holy Asperge

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Rue * Hyssop * Rosemary
A Perfumed Cleansing and Protection Asperge

“Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean” Psalms 51:7

This product was very well received the last time we made it. So much so, it sold out nearly immediately after we listed it!! Concocted once again, the processes and water materia used to create this magical asperge differ from the time before, and we believe under these auspices it boosts the potency 3x fold. For this batch we harvested the Rosemary on Easter Sunday, during the day and hour of the Sun. We began the extraction during the following solar hour and allowed it to digest and filter the mark on Beltane adding additional oils. In our tradition, the 1st rain that occurs after Beltane is considered to be the most sacred of waters, Holy Water. It is quite auspicious when collected this way during this time. As the fates would dictate, this 1st rain that fell from the sky following the Sabbat also occurred on a Thursday, along with an auspicious lightning and thunder storm!! This water is also very lucky and blessed, known in Trolldom as Thor’s Water. What a splendid additional layer of potency to add to this already special blessed holy water.

To asperge is the rite of sprinkling an altar, space, or people with consecrated holy water. This is traditionally done with a sprig of a plant or a sprinkler device made specifically for this act called an aspergillum (most commonly seen used today in the catholic church).

As noted in the Key of Solomon the King Book II To create the Aspergillum take 9 herbs (Vervain, Fennel, Lavender, Sage, Valerian, Mint, Garden-Basil, Rosemary, and Hyssop) harvested and bound together during the day and hour of Mercury, bound with thread spun of a young maiden.

It is our belief that a sprig of any of the plants used in this formula or to the practitioners liking will suffice, aiming for something you can dip into the sacred perfumed waters and ‘sprinkle’ ritually for your aim.

Rue, Hyssop and Rosemary are well known herbs used in folklore and magic to aid in protection and cleansing rites and ceremonies. You may work with this asperge in spiritual baths and cleansing, to exorcise and protect an object or space before rituals and ceremony, to remove unwanted spirits, spells, and phantoms of illusion.

Directions: Pour 1 -2 caps into sanctified water and asperge, or in other words sprinkle the herbal water around an object, ceremonial space or whatever needs to be exorcized.

Ingredients: Rue, Hyssop & Rosemary essential oils, cane alcohol and Holy Water.
***Warning: Do not use this in a soaking bath as Rue is known to cause a photosensitivity.

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