Hoodoo Bible Magic


by Miss Michaele and Professor Charles Porterfield

It has been said that we are created in God’s own image. There are those who know and understand this to mean that IN EACH OF US IS A SPARK OF THE DIVINE — a spark which can aid us to attain wisdom, riches, love, joy, health, and success through the power of God’s Holy Word.THIS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

Practical, honest, and straightforward, this book teaches the history and unlocks the mystery of Christian Conjuration with the Holy Scriptures. Learn ancient traditional spells of Psalmic Magic from forgotten books of Jewish wisdom preserved by African American elders, open the Bible’s treasure-house of Secret Charms and Sacred Amulets, and prepare yourself for revelations and wonders. The Bible is a magic book! THIS book tells you just how to use it!

Questions the Whole World Has Asked Are Now Answered!

Miss Michaele is a spirit-guided and spirit-led reader and conjure worker, the proprietor of Hoodoo Foundry, and pastor of the Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel candle ministry. She divines with tarot cards and figured crystals, and is a skilled bibliomancer. She and her husband reside in Northern California.

Professor Charles Porterfield is an Old Testament, old-school reader and root worker, and a proud member of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. A natural man, he specializes in men’s issues and the Biblical aspects of hoodoo. Texas born and raised, he lives with his wife, children, and grandchildren.


Dedication and Acknowledgments 4
In the Beginning 5
The Bible Comes to Hoodoo 5
Is Magic Incompatible with the Bible? 6
Heroes of the Bible Work Magical Spells 7
Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Elijah, and Solomon 7
Jesus the Master of Magic 14
Doctors, Conjurers, Faithful Disciples 15
Sketches of Christian Rootworkers 15
The Conjure Doctor as Church Leader 16
Spiritual Church Mediums 18
Forget Not All His Benefits 21
The Bible Itself is a Magical Book 21
Burning, Boiling, and Bathing 22
The Bible Stops a Bullet 24
Bible Amulets and Charms: Mizpahs, Midget Bibles, and Mezuzot 26
Scriptural Magic 29
Selected Scriptures for Magical Use 30
7 Bible Verses that Show God is Listening 31
Pleading the Blood of Jesus 32
Psalmic Magic 33
The Book of Psalms in Folk Magic 36
A Quick List of the 150 Psalms and Their Uses 38
You Can Do Anything with Psalms 23 42
The “Chicago Psalms” 44
7 Deadly Bible Psalms to Quell Your Foes 46
8 Powerful Psalms to Reverse and Send Back Evil 47
Divinatory Magic 48
Bibliomantic Cleidomancy 48
Biblical Bibliomancy 49
Dream Books and the Bible 50
Devotionary Magic 51
A Practical Guide to Prayer: How Shall We Pray? 51
Preaching as Prayer 52
A Curse in a Baptist Sermon: Hitler and Hell 54
Bible Spells Old and New 58
Steady Work, Money, Success, Gambling 58
Recovering People and Goods 62
Love, Family, Reconciliation 63
Helping, Blessing, and Healing 67
Harming and Cursing 72
Protection and Jinx-Breaking 74
At the End 80
Frequently Asked Questions 80
One Last Curiosity: The Soldier’s Bible 94
Bibliography 96

Bullet-Proof Bible from the Protecto Bible Co. 15
First Seal of Moses from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses 28
7th Pentacle of Jupiter from The Key of Solomon 31
Religious Goods Sold in Hoodoo Catalogues, 1934 – 2014 47

First Edition 2014
Published by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church

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