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Locally Wildcrafted Herbal Waters~

Hydrosols are created from the steam distillation process while distilling essential oils. Each plant is ethically wildcrafted during auspicious planetary hours and days in accordance to each plants correspondences.
Herbal waters have a long history of use in renaissance medicine and perfumery. We continue the tradition of spiritual use with herbal distillates and offer our waters to the cunning practitioner.

Hydrosols are also known as floral waters, hydroflorates, or distillates. They are a natural co-product that occurs during the process of steam distilling plant materials for essential oils. They are colloidal suspensions (hydrosol) of essential oils as well as water soluble components obtained by steam distillation or hydro distillation from plants.

Hydrosols may be used as sprays, baths, or in ritual practice where sacred waters are required.

Fennel is as a protective charm and in counter magick. It is also known for preserving and strengthening sight.

Rosa Rugosa also known as Mei Gui Hua in China, has been deemed as a symbol of love. It is a carrier or romance and love, can be uplifting and is its medicinal uses have been worked with for hundreds of years. As a hydrosol Rose makes a wonderful toner for all skin types.  It is a wonderful addition to the bath, as a body splash, anti-anxiety spray and room freshener.  It is  an uplifting hydrosol that aids in creating a sensual, relaxed and refreshing space. 

Sage is used to fumigate or cense a sacred space and brings about purification and cleansing. It is ssed traditionally in native ceremonies to cleanse the body and spirit, sacred spaces and homes and rid a space of unwanted energies and entities. It is also used as an offering to spirits and to call in blessings.

Tansy has a long history of association with women’s mysteries and in goddess worship. There are several myths about it making one immortal or preserving dead bodies. It is a good herb to bring to rituals about death and dying and may be used to aspurge the circle or the physical remains of the deceased.

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    kenneth (verified owner)

    Tansy is a powerful necromatic stimulant. It adds levels of diplomacy and synergy to the environment. It works so well that nobody remembers or cares why they entered the arena in the first place and then you leave with hours upon hours of dark synergy and pleasure.

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