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Icelandic Plant Magic: Folk Herbalism of the North


Icelandic Plant Magic:Folk Herbalism of the North

The magic of Iceland is known to all those who have set foot on this seemingly desolate rock in the North Atlantic. Mystical staves, crafty hidden folk, and the dangerous ghosts of long dead priests all have their place within the magic of the island. However, our plant life tends to go unnoticed. Hiding in the shadows of a misty mountain or thriving in the warmth of a geothermal stream, the plants of this island hold potent magic that is waiting to be called upon.

Albert Björn Shiell  has done a beautiful job of combining the wisdom and magic of these mystical plants into a beautifully illustrated tome. The book is filled with magical lore, potent spells, and mystical formulas that will allow the practitioner of the magical arts to create incredible changes in their lives.

Albert Björn Shiell grew up in the shade of the South Downs of Sussex, England. He spent his days there walking ancient chalk hills, full of burial mounds and folklore. Trading it all in 2017 for cold and seemingly desolate Iceland, Albert picked up his life and moved north. He now lives in downtown Reykjavík, writing, researching, and translating old Icelandic books. He spends his days walking the land around him, learning and conversing with the many plant and land spirits of Iceland. Focusing now on an animistic framework of Nordic magic combined with the Sussex cunning of his homeland, Albert aims to deliver practical folkloric magic inspired by both his homes. Find him on social media at Sussex_Pellar.

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