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Jupiter Amun Ritual Oil (limited)

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Introducing to you ‘Jupiter Amun’, a limited talismanic Essential Oil blend to invoke the supreme and auspicious influences of the almighty Jupiter.

Jupiter Amun is the SUPREME POWER OF JUPITER and is the archetypal culmination of each of his forms. Combining attributes in his Egyptian, Greek and Roman form; known also as Zues Ammon, Jupiter Ammon, Amun, Jupiter, Jove, and Zues. This form of Jupiter ‘Ammon’ is often depicted with ram’s horns, also known at the ‘Horns of Ammon’ which resulted in this deity being known as a symbol of supremacy. In time these horns have become a syncretized symbol of the Egyptian deity Ammon/Amun.

This formulation was concocted and consecrated during Jupiter’s egress from Aquarius into Pisces. Jupiter is in his domicile rulership when in Pisces, which means Jupiter functions well in all aspects he is in rulership. And in this place he functions at full capacity being even more joyful, expansive and optimistic and benefic than when in any other sign of the zodiac. Here Jupiter is in dignity. The noble ram with its nimble hooves can scale the sheerest walls of Mt. Olympus, rising to its very heights and peaks so that he may peer down and with great wisdom gain from what it observes and knows of the macrocosm and microcosm, all the while he is one with it.

It is with this knowledge and wisdom we can accomplish great tasks and develop a greater understanding and deeper awareness of our relationship with the whole. Thus developing a greater spiritual and compassionate form of consciousness to inform us in our greater and benefic endeavors and how to move forward in our spiritual growth and undertakings.

**This oil was originally formulated in 2010 when Jupiter was last in Pisces. It has been worked with magically and extensively since then with results bearing a fortuitous and favorable nature. We decided it would be auspicious to make it again, only this time choosing to reserve a share of it to make available to you. This oil is limited!!

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Weight 2 oz
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5ml euro dropper, 5ml glass roll-on

3 reviews for Jupiter Amun Ritual Oil (limited)

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great packaging. Wow amazing scent with great energy to work with. It is a must have .

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The longer it is worn the deeper the scent enhances its essence in your energetic being Absolutely Supreme scent.

  3. Karen C. (verified owner)

    Bought this on a whim bc my horoscope said a lot about Jupiter and wow! This ritual oil really works as a powerful amplifier to any ritual or spell work. I always recommend these products to my friends that practice

    • Catamara Rosarium (store manager)

      yes it really does have some punch doesn’t it! I have been working with and making this oil for personal purposes long before making it available to my customers! I’m glad its serving you!

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