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Jupiter Picatrix

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WE ARE MOVING and decided to make our last bit available so we don’t have to move it! This is it though! We will announce this tomorrow to our social media channels but since some of you are on the notify/wait list, you will get the first opportunity to purchase one!

PLEASE NOTE: This item is no longer available in the jar shown on product page. We sold out of the inventory we had packaged in these jars and are unable to procure this jar again until May (as they are on back order).

INCENSE NOW OFFERED IN 4 SIDED CORKED JAR! To see the new jar check out pictures in our gallery on this product page. Latest and last batch we’ll be selling is pictured w/ the royal blue wax stamp as shown in gallery.


Rosarium Blends is pleased to offer you a limited incense blend:

Jupiter Picatrix

On June 12th, 2014 at 5:12 am, when Jupiter ruled the angles of the sky and was in its exaltation, Catamara Rosarium, purveyor of Rosarium Blends, applied her two years of research to crafting this singular talismanic incense.

After reading The Picatrix (or Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm, ‘The Goal of the Wise’ or ‘The Aim of the Sage’), a thousand-year old Arabic grimoire that combines over 220 magical texts, and unearthing some discrepancies in the formularies in its various translations, Catamara embarked on an investigation to clarify the curious passages preventing the practitioner from gaining gnosis of the materia once used. She confirmed and validated the ingredients and recreated the formulas during an auspicious elected astrological transit.

The culmination of this work resulted not only in this incense, but also in an article which can be found in Clavis Journal V4, the Green Key Edition. This book is also available for purchase in our bookstore.

After five years since its birthing/creation, this incense is now ready to become available to the practitioner. It is currently an auspicious time to be working with Jupiter. It entered Sagittarius, its place of empowerment, towards the end of last year, and it will remain there until December 2nd, 2019.

This incense is an extremely potent talisman of Jupiter and all things ruled by Jupiter. The efficacy and potency is ensured by both the election of its creation as well as the current moment when you may use the incense to affect your works.

Only limited availability to the public. Once this batch is gone, it is gone forever.

Out of stock

Email me when item is back in stock!

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Weight 4 oz

6 reviews for Jupiter Picatrix

  1. nerthuschild@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I picked up this Jupiter Picatrix because a friend pointed it out. I am not a magician, I am a witch, so I am not familiar with planetary workings as such. But I was certain that I would know the proper time to make use of it and I did so for the first time last night. I am Jupiter ruled and this is an auspicious time for me to focus on it. I simply burned a portion of it on charcoal and focused on the planet and how I wanted to be more conscious in the areas that it rules. I definitely felt a great deal of energy in the house and I have great respect for the magic you have made available with this incense. I will use it this year as I am moved to do so and I am thrilled that it was created and that I was sent in your direction. thank you.

  2. CrossroadsBooks (verified owner)

    Selecting a intentional crafted incense to use at a specific moment in time say 8pm at the hour and day of Jupiter or an astrologically significant moment creates a portal of between the worlds. Rosarium blends has created a product that is a key to the entrance of unlocking potential through the beneficence of Jupiter. I’m not disappointed but pleased to add this product to my tool chest.

  3. Michelle Root

    I have purchased items from Rosarium Blends before and this product does not disappoint. I constructed a Kamea of Jupiter while burning a bit of this incense and I could easily feel the energy of abundance and expansion. It’s exciting to have such a fine piece of perfection in my hands to utilize for my workings. Thank you Catamara!

  4. Eric Z (verified owner)

    I love this incense. I strongly believe it has added great power to my Jupiterian work.

  5. Anthony (verified owner)

    Arrived fast. Assists in bringing in that Jupiterian energy to the environment.

  6. jesse m. (verified owner)

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