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Kali Puja Offering (limited)


A very special limited KALI offering from Rosarium Blends
Rosarium Blends is pleased to be releasing a long awaited and over due Kali Perfume Oil. Upon determining the formulation we decided to prepare and consecrate the oil on Kali’s Holy Day, which happens to fall upon the New Moon in Scorpio this year (as well as Diwali).

During this night we will be holding a sacred tantric Kali Puja where the birthing or our new Kali oil will take place and also plan to make a large batch of our signature Kali incense. During this ritual we will charge and consecrate both along with the other ritual amulets included in this release.

The release is limited to 13 sets, 2 have already been reserved leaving 11 available to the public. If you are interested in reserving one now, you may do so by visiting https://rosariumblends.com/products/kali-puja-offering-limited/

What is included
1 – loaded Kali Vigil Candle
1 – Jar or our Kali Incense
1 – 5 ml vial of our new Kali Oil
1 – Aluminum Kali Face Wall Hanging w/ Antique Finish w/ ritually applied ‘Tilak’ over the 3rd eye.
1 – Mala consisting of 101 hand carved skull beads made from Buffalo Bone
1- 100 names of Kali invocation and Kali mantra for your personal devotional practice and pujas.

**These limited sets will be shipped approximately 2 weeks after the puja/ritual as the incense and oil will be curing during the lunation of new moon to full moon and continued mantra will be recited over both during this time.

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Weight 24 oz


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