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Kali Standing on Shiva 13″


13″ tall black resin statue with 9 1/2 inch base

13″ tall black resin statue with 9 1/2 inch base

Kali is a complex figure, often feared but also adored. She is a Hindu Tantric Goddess. Mother, Creatrix, Destroyer. Remover of Illusions, and Beyond All Maya. Work with her to tap into the Divine, All Embracing, Transcendental Nature of this fierce Goddess.

Kali is also often portrayed standing over her husband and consort, Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, with one foot on his leg and another on his chest. This position suggests the narrative of his throwing himself under her feet to stop her spree of destruction. Kali is believed to be the formless energy of Shiva’s demolishing forces; the couple is also often depicted dancing or in sexual union, which suggests Kali is the female counterpart to Shiva; together they represent dynamism and the dualistic nature of the world.

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