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Limited Venus-Aphrodite Box


🌹 Venus- Aphrodite Limited Box 🌹

**Like last year this box is super limited! Don’t miss out on this amazing release!! Shipping begins on February 1st to ensure you have it in plenty of time if you’re wishing to give it to someone special for Valentines Day!!

In this box you will receive:
🌹 1/2 oz Aphrodite Perfume in Atomizer (bottle exclusive to this box)
🌹 1 oz Aphrodite Seducing Massage Oil (exclusive to this box)
🌹 1 oz Aphrodite Enchanting Rose Spray (exclusive to this box)
🌹 2 pieces of rose liqueur filled white chocolate cordials dipped in white chocolate to share with your lover (exclusive to this box)
🌹 1 – Jar of Aphrodite Ritual Incense
🌹 1 – Surprise Aphrodisiac Perfume Sample
🌹 2 – Surprise Items (TBA)
🌹 2 – Rose Flower Floating Candles
🌹 1 – Stick of smokeless charcoal squares (for incense)
🌹 1 – Beautiful Venus/Aphrodite Keepsake box
**Each box is Adorned w/ beautiful silk rose petals, fragranced w/ one of our signature perfumes. (exclusive to this box)

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Weight 24 oz


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