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Liquid Smudge Sage

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Sage is used to fumigate or cense a sacred space and brings about purification and cleansing. It is worked with traditionally in native ceremonies to cleanse the body and spirit, sacred spaces and homes and rid a space of unwanted energies and entities. It is also used as an offering to spirits and to call in blessings. We bring to you Sage in the form of a hydrosol, where rather than working with the elements of air and fire you are working w/ water and air.

We wildcrafted this sagebrush in Eastern Washington on Summer Solstice 2020. It was steam distilled using the sacred waters of an Artesian Well in Olympia, WA.

Hydrosols are created from the steam distillation process while distilling essential oils. Each plant is ethically wildcrafted during auspicious planetary hours and days in accordance to each plants correspondences. Herbal waters have a long history of use in renaissance medicine and perfumery. We continue the tradition of spiritual use with herbal distillates and offer our waters to the cunning practitioner.

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2 reviews for Liquid Smudge Sage

  1. Beverlee

    I had the lovely task of clearing out my step sons room when he moved out just recently. He was a very angry young man, and left a large amount of negative energy in his room. You couldn’t walk in and not smudge yourself immediately on coming out. I started the usual way, banishing and cleansing/purifying. But it wasn’t doing the trick. It was a stubborn energy and didn’t want to leave. I used some intensive sound energy clearing, but what really did the trick was liquid smudge from Rosarium Blends. My daughter got me some for my birthday. I sprayed it into the walls, carpets, blinds, etc… I did my thing and poof! Room reset! Sweet positive energy once again fills my house! I love this stuff!

  2. Jamie Star (verified owner)

    I do a lot of rituals in places where you can’t burn anything. This is perfect to get your mind in ritual space. It smells like fresh sage rather than burned and it’s so lovely.

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