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LUX HAERESIS: The Light Heretical


LUX HAERESIS: The Light Heretical by Daniel Schulke, Xoanon Publishing

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Let not the Eye of the Seer be divided from the Body Entire. Even in stasis so-call’d, image-revelation is kinesthetic, for the motions of the Beholding Eye are driven by the contours of signacula comprising the image in totality, and which first arose from the dancing Hand of the Divine Artist. Thus, in Beholding, the flesh of all Image is venerated by phantom-touch; caressed, as it were, by the Eye, in adoration …thus the Beloved becomes the Witching Apple.

Lux Haeresis, being the first of a two-volume work entitled GAMMAEAS, concerns the Arcana of the Witch’s Eye and its mutual interaction with Sentient Luminosity. Treating the twin mysteria of Ocular Malediction (the so-called Evil Eye), and Seership or ‘The Sight’,  the book proceeds beyond this duality unto the realm of Telaesthesis –the unique perceptual modalities of the Witches’ Sabbath, grand abberator of the sensorial field. Explored in detail is the magical relation between Hand and Eye, the Body of Void, and the vivification of the Magical Image. As a magico-poetic cartography of the illuminant metaphysic present in the folkloric strata of traditional witchcraft, The Light Heretical serves as both homage and grimoire to its Luciferan arcana.

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