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Manifestation Perfume

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Are you ready to unlock your dreams and desires and manifest them into a tangible results? Kick off the new Solar Year with our talismanic signature scent Manifestation Perfume. Wear it with intention, work with it magically and in ritual to assist in earthing your desires from the macrocosm into the microcosm. Work with this magical perfume to initiate and materialize spiritual or material work.

This is a sweet and gentle spirited perfume, but it is not defenseless. Like a fairy wielding a hammer, or a beautiful woman who carries an axe, at the core of this composition is strength. So from the center the wearer will wait, as a cloud of cherry and dark almond billow outward. Inside this perfume you can sit upright and declare your intentions from a rooted core while the fragrance carries your message. Like gentle voice that finds it’s way through the darkness, jasmine slowly dries down into a bed of Lady’s Mantle and Frankincense.

Manifestation perfume is elegant and has a fragrant Jasmine top note. Its energies embody the Macrocosm earthed in the microcosm to initiate and materialize spiritual or material work.

Ingredients:  Frankincense, Blessed Thistle, Lady’s Mantle, Jasmine~

***This blend is witchcrafted into 3 different forms. Try our manifestation ritual incense, talismanic natural perfume or oil!
What’s your preference?



** Please note Alembic bottles are not meant to be carried around in your pocket or purse. Best if stored on a flat surface.


About Rosarium Blend’s Natural Perfumes

Natural Perfumery is the arte of creating beautiful fragrances using only natural essences.  Rosarium Blends Natural perfumes are designed around the volatility of top, middle and base notes and evolve with the body chemistry of the person wearing them.   Each perfume is both aesthetically pleasing and has therapeutic benefits.  The duration of aromatic benefits on the skin lasts approximately 2 hours and the perfume ripens with age like a fine wine and will improve over time as the essences alchemicalize in the bottle.

Rosarium Blends Natural Perfumes are 100% natural and made with essential oils, concretes, absolutes and other natural materials. There are no synthetic counter parts or animal ingredients used in our perfumes. Like our essential oil blends they are linked to nature, alchemy and ritual.

May be worked with magically by wearing with intention on the skin or by spraying sacred objects, sigils and in spiritual and magical baths. They have more lift than our essential oil blends and a beautiful top note that will not overwhelm the wearer or broadcast themselves aggressively to those around you.

***This blend is witchcrafted into 3 different forms. Try our manifestation ritual incense, talismanic natural perfume or oil!
What’s your preference?

Each perfume is sold in a variation of 3 different types of bottles a 1ml sample size:
– 5 ml clear glass spray atomizer w/ black top
-15ml (1/2 oz) clear-footed rectangular clear glass bottle w/ a twist on copper alembic lid. Size is 2.99″ H x ..70″ W.
-30ml (1 oz) clear glass bottle w/ wax stamp w/ black mister top and lid. Size is 3.95″H x 1.76″W
**Silk Screen bottle no longer available

Additional information

Weight 1.0 oz

4 reviews for Manifestation Perfume

  1. Gabrielle Swain (verified owner)

    I have to admit I purchased this perfume as a gift, but just one drop on my wrist and I am the owner. I admire everything about this product. You have a new continuing customer.

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    I am in Love with this. Next time, I will order the larger size.

  3. Tara Hynson (verified owner)

  4. Natalie (verified owner)

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