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Mars in Scorpio Sigil Papers

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Our Self igniting sigil paper is infused with the resin of ‘Dracaena cinnabari’, the original and true dragons blood, spoken of in so many occult formularies. Scented slightly with other aromatic resins to form a self igniting incense paper to be inscribed with sigils and fired off in ritual. The paper sizzles and sparkles like a lit fuse without flame and produces a sweet scent tempering the martial influence of the dragons blood resin. Focusing, enhancing and directing the effects with the sigilized intention and will of the practitioner. (scroll down on page for directions on how to use and a video example)

As are all Rosarium Blends products, special care is put into the astrological time and days of our production. Each incense, oil and perfume is seen as a talisman and is made with great care according to astrological correspondences. We are happy to be the first to combine the very old and obscure art of incense paper with the Arte magical of the sigillum…

This batch of dragon’s blood sigil incense papers was crafted in the morning of a potent Mars election on December 10th at 6:14am, 2021 whne Mars was in rulership and also triplicity. This is the 2nd time we have birthed these sigil papers during a Scorpio election. Scorpio is a calculated and determined sign and feels particularly comfortable in Mars because it is traditionally ruled by this powerful God. The most authentic expression of the power and will of ones self is found when Mars is in Aries or Scorpio. In Scorpio, Mars amps up energy levels, gives great determination and with it comes the added bonus of increasing your passion, libido, and sexual desires and diving deeply into the mysteries of the occult. Mars also plays a powerful and defensive role in Scorpio and is good to have in your arsenal for baneful works.  Keep all of these ideas in mind when figuring out your statement of intent and what it is you want to sigilize and fire off magically to achieve. Set your sights on something you really want to pursue and let nothing stand in your way.

Please note: This is a limited item. We only make these sigil papers when Mars is in rulership and/or exalted and other benific transits such as a triplicity. Sometimes these transits don’t present themselves but every few years or so.

If you are also interested or prefer the Mars in Aries energy for your work we do still have a few packets in stock.

**Package contains 4 incense sigil papers size varies from  2.5″ – 3″ x 3″ **

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-Draw sigil on paper.
-Focus intention on sigil during magical operation
-Use lighter, match or candle flame to light the end of the sigil paper.
-Set burning sigil on a fire resistent surface or dish, cauldron’s are perfect!
-Focus on sigil until paper has burned completely.

NOTE: Sigil paper will burn as a fuse, not a flame.

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    good product like these alot

  3. Salvatore I. (verified owner)

    I am rating these Sigil Papers by association with other products from this shop. I have not used them yet, but I have every confidence that they will be as fine tuned as all the other products that I have implemented.

  4. Natalie (verified owner)

  5. Martha Scott (verified owner)

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