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~Mastic, ‘Pistacia lentiscus’ Origin – Greece

Mastic grows only in the Southern part of the Island of Chios, Greece. It is a key ingredient in the Ancient Egyptian Kyphi recipe. Used magickally to aid in divinatory operations and as a devotion to the gods. Mastic creates a light, balsam like, fresh, lemony fragrance. It works well for meditation and reflection and its energy is quite helpful when clarity is needed.

Meditation ~ Devotional~ Strengthening ~ Clarifying~Mental Awareness~ Purifying

Planetary association is in alignment with the Sun, Mercury, and the Fixed Star Regulus. It is also a sealant used for the 24th and 28th Lunar Mansions. It’s elemental association is Air.

Size: 1/2 oz package
Burn on charcoal

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