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Mercury Retrograde Self-Igniting Sigil Incense

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***Mercury Rx Black Storax blend is presented to you in a corked glass apothecary jar w/ A SCROLL OF THE ORPHIC HYMN to MERCURY CHTHONOS~

Black Storax Self igniting Orphic Incense is a special blend we have created with intention to work with as an offering to Mercury Chthonos during Mercury Retrograde. The aim is to propitiate the God Hermes during his dark journey. Black Storax was used traditionally in the Orphic Mysteries as a fumigation offering to Hermes Chthonos and many other gods.

We have formulated this incense with the particular purpose of creating the sigil of Mercury Retrograde using the incense powder and igniting it while reading the Orhpic Hymn to Hermes Chthonos. This operation may occur during Mercury’s shadow phase or any time during the retrograde.

The many occultists and astrologers we have shared this with have expressed to us that the ritual incense offering and prayer has eased, if not alleviated completely, the challenges many face during Mercury’s retrograde phase. This blend was created during a special electoral date while Mercury was in the most recent Mercury Retrograde. For one day in the middle of Mercury’s retrograde phase, the swift planet occupies the space between the Sun and the Earth.

This alignment, called the inferior conjunction by astronomers, places the three bodies in a line, with Mercury in the center. In traditional astrology, it is referred to as a ‘Cazimi’. Cazimi, an Arabic term, translates roughly to “the heart of the Sun,” and it is said that when a planet is in the heart of the Sun, it’s power is increased dramatically. It is Hermes at the bottom of the underworld, the midpoint of the Cthonic journey which is symbollic or Hermes Chtonios epic journey through hades.

As are all Rosarium Blends products, special care is put into the astrological time and days of our production. Each incense, oil and perfume is seen as a talisman and is made with great care according to astrological correspondences. We are happy to be the first to create a Mercury Retrograde Incense blend.


  • -Use a heat resistant Dish or surface.
  • Form Mercury retrograde glyph or sigil using incense. Make sure to create a bridge (between lines)with the incense so there are no breaks in the flow of the incense. Otherwise incense may stop burning or slow down the process. Thus it may need to be blown on lightly or lit again.
  • Use lighter or match to light incense.
  • Read Oprhic Hymn to Hermes Kthonos and use incense as offering.

NOTE: Incense will output more smoke than what you are accustomed to. You may want to burn it outside.

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6 reviews for Mercury Retrograde Self-Igniting Sigil Incense

  1. Birch Bark

    Wow! Amazing stuff. From the moment you pick up the vial the experience surrounds you. The attention to detail in this product is perfect. The scent before it burns is lovely. You can make the powder into any shape or sigil and light it. It burns with a multicolored flame. So cool! We burned inside, but in front of the fireplace with the flu open. A superior product.

    • Catamara Rosarium (store manager)

      Thank you for the review! Please let us know how the Mercury Rx goes for you! <3

  2. Ken Jackson (verified owner)

    The Mercury Rx is especially good for working outside on stones. And the scroll is equally as effective. Ken.

  3. Angela (verified owner)

    Have not actually use this yet, waiting for a retrograde or need for guidance but I can tell you the packaging, the detail on the presentation is top-notch. Its one of the most unique items I have ever purchased. Came fast and was packed very well. Cannot wait to actually put this in motion and have a huge life event I will definately call on it for.

  4. Tegan Mustain (verified owner)

    A close group of friends has gotten together every mercury rx since Oct 2019 and included this offering and hymn in simple rituals, and we have definitely noticed a postitive focusing of the mercury rx energies vs the random chaos that can come if they are nit channeled. Very gratefult to Rosarium for making it consistently available.

  5. Rowan O. (verified owner)

    I have never smelled anything as lovely as this (with the exception of the Rosarium, also by this store :D!). I have to say, even with the retrograde going things got moving pretty quickly so I think it was very well received. I loved having the little parchment with the hymn.

  6. Mark Welch (verified owner)

    This review is written for Mark Welch & Teri Ciacchi of Living Love Revolution Sanctuary. My life partner Mark and I both buy a bottle of Mercury Retrograde self igniting charcoal that comes with the Orphic Hymn to Chthonic Hermes at least once a year and then we burn it each day every time there is a Mercury retrograde astrological event. First of all the packaging aesthetic ina glass jar with a lovely label and a cork is fabulous. Secondly the incense smells great, burns well and is enjoyable to interact with. And finally and most importantly, the spell work of manipulating the incense into the shape of a mercury retrograde glyph and lighting it while declaring the Hymn is a powerful and effective spell. We have been using this incense regularly for more than 5 years and we share the daily working on our community text thread. It is a useful way to resonate with Lord Hermes as he guides the souls of the dead in the underworld. Thank you for making beautiful magickal tools that also work.

    • Catamara Rosarium (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your review! We really appreciate hearing about others success w/ our products and this incense blends is really special. We have worked with it for about a decade now and find it to be hugely effective as well! Thanks for doing the work and sharing it!

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