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Mummia Lips

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We are very excited to add Mummia Lips to our Alchemical Cosmetic line!
Mummmia Lips is a companion to our well loved Mummia Bosellia-Elemi face cream!

The name and product  ‘Mummia’ is the result of and inspiration that transpired after extensive research and discovery of the use of Mumia in European medicine and witchcraft. In addition to our personal praxis and experience with Egyptian materia medica/magica and Alchemy. Through our studies we discovered there were ingredients used in traditional Egyptian embalming practices and medicine which preserved the body, giving it the appearance of god like immortality in the afterlife. We have isolated a few of those ingredients and incorporated them into our unique proprietary formula.

Our product has many of the benefits of mumia but without the well preserved corpse!!
The ingredients selected in our formula are also known in the cosmetic industry to be deeply nutritive, rich in vitamins and fatty acids and are extremely healing for the skin. Experience Mummia Alchemical Lip Balm~ It will give life back to your lips!

Ingredients~ Beeswax, Shea Butter, Rosehip & Jojoba Oil, Oil of Egg, and Frankincense & Elemi E.O.

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1 review for Mummia Lips

  1. Ericka C. (verified owner)

    Sadly, I almost immediately lost this after receiving it (darn house gremlins probably ate it) but the two times I used it, I loved it.

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