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~Myrrh, ‘Commiphora myrrha’ Origin- Samaliland

Some interesting myths that surround Myrrh include it being one of three plants the Phoenix used to build it’s nest, as well as it being cast into the fire out of which the Phoenix is reborn.  The mysteries of death and rebirth should be considered when working with myrrh.

Using Myrrh in ritual work helps one perceive the way patterns of energy move throughout a circle and will give the practitioner a heightened state of awareness of the energy flowing between worlds.

Planetary association aligns with the Sun and Moon.

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  1. Tara

    Myrrh is gorgeous, spicy, and sweet. It’s the perfect resin to use with almost any type of ritual. It works best for me when combining it with Aphrodite. It seems to add that extra spice of sensuality to a romantic encounter and enhances many of the aspects. Combined with frankincense, it produces an amazing holy atmosphere that reminds me of old Catholic churches. Truly a worthy incense.

  2. Ulysses (verified owner)

    Product is as advertised. No issues.

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