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Palo Santo Asperge

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Palo Santo is a natural aromatic tree native to South America. The name translates into English as ‘Holy Wood’, ‘Saint Wood” or ‘Sacred Tree. It is traditionally burned in Peruvian ceremonies by Shamans and Medicine people for its energetically cleansing and healing properties. 
When burned, the smoke is commonly used for cleansing the psychophysical space and directing prayers to the spirit world. Its scent is uplifting and has the propensity to raise your vibration in preparation for meditation, ceremony and ritual allowing for a deeper connection to Source.

We bring to you the healing and blessing powers of Palo Santo in the form of a hydrosol. Working with the elements of water and air instead of air and fire.

USE: Spray on body, to wash walls/floors, as a room freshener or as a limpia/spiritual bath. Work with this healing asperge water to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. Objects are likewise washed off with the smoke to rid them of unwanted influences, spirits and phantoms of illusion.

Distilled in Shelton, Washington. A collaboration between Rosarium Blends and House of Orpheus.
Hydrosols are created from the steam distillation process while distilling essential oils.
All of Rosarium Blends hydrosols are distilled during auspicious planetary hours and days in accordance to each plants correspondences. Herbal waters have a long history of use in renaissance medicine and perfumery. We continue the tradition of spiritual use with herbal distillates and offer our waters to the cunning practitioner.

We also offer an amazing Palo Santo Resin, Natural Perfume and wood incense stick!

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2 reviews for Palo Santo Asperge

  1. Andrea (verified owner)

    I love burning some palo santo at home, but I have bad respiratory allergies and it’s not unusual to get irritated by the smudge smoke so the liquid palo santo does the job and it does very well. I spray on my both altars at home before I begin to pray and I feel the environment very peaceful. My only regret is that I didn’t buy me more bottles. The smell is very delicious, sometimes I spray it on myself along with Florida Water to get me the best cleanse.

  2. Angela stockwell (verified owner)

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