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Palo Santo Wood


~Palo Santo, Burserea graveolens Origin – South America/Peru

Palo Santo  is a natural aromatic tree native to South America. The name translates into English as ‘Holy Wood’, ‘Saint Wood” or ‘Sacred Tree. 
It has been utilized for millennia by shamans and native peoples for healing and/or in sacred ceremonies. When burned it is commonly used for cleansing the psychophysical space and directing prayers to the spirit world. 
It can also be used to enhance internal equanimity having a calming and relaxing effect upon the mind, body, and spirit.

To Burn: Light one end of stick on fire.  Allow flame to burn out on its own. Smoke will then smolder as a result of the cinder remaining from the fire of the wood.  Sit or stand Palo Santo in dish or walk around room with it to smudge space or self.  May also use feather fan or hand to move smoke around the room.

Size: Large Stick

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