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Pentagram Essential Oil Diffuser


Crafted of solid soapstone, this oil diffuser has been sculpted so as to create a dazzling display of light when a candle burns within and heats up your oil, with the light pouring out through cut-out designs and a large central pentagram.

Sculpted of two separate pieces, this oil diffuser is a brilliant work of art crafted out of solid soapstone. The bottom piece consists of an elaborate candle holder, decorated with numerous little cut-outs that will create a dazzling display of candle light and a central pentagram carved into the holder’s front.

Settling into this is a small, removable soapstone basin intended to sit over your tealight candle and heat the oil you place within, filling the room in which it burns with the soothing fragrance of the oil of your choice. The entire thing measure approximately 4″ high when assembled and 3″ in diameter.

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